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Exploring a New Outlet

Written by Ava Simonsen

As a creative marketing agency, Relevant Youth wants to ensure that our students can always find creative outlets whether it's through writing, photography, art or videography. Being able to let our creativity flow through many different forms allows for us to present our best work to clients and show how unique our students' ideas truly are. We are now able to express this creativity through a contemporary outlet- Relevant Youth's very own TikTok page.

Relevant Youth's most recent Engage event was held for members to get into the spirit of Halloween but also to compete in our very first company TikTok competition. The competition asked that people capture their experience at the event and get creative with how they present it. Managing Director Fiona Thurow said that the event was to get people's creative juices flowing as well as getting members to think about TikTok. Thurow states that “with our RY TikTok coming soon, I thought the event would be a good way for people to laugh with each other, create content and also tease about something new coming to RY soon.” Members were able to show off the creative ideas they came up with and sent in their TikTok submissions for other members to vote on.

The winners of the TikTok challenge were Photographer Elese Smith and Strategist Megan O’Leary. The winners were awarded with a $50 Visa gift card for having the best and most creative TikTok of the night. Future content creating contests for the RY TikTok will give members the chance to get their TikToks posted and showcased on the company's account.

For future TikTok content, Head of Internal Strategy Emma McVady says that our company's page will feature an array of videos including tips on constructing resumes, giving our followers a behind the scenes look at photoshoots, exploring various student marketing job opportunities and more. Different members can take their profound knowledge and share it with followers and bring in an even broader audience to our marketing agency.

Though our agency is showcased on Instagram, we wanted TikTok to be tailored to a different audience. The company's TikTok will be a way for our members to show off our skills and passions rather than directly promoting Relevant Youth. McVady hopes this new audience will be able to see more of our personalities and give our members a chance to enjoy themselves.

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