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Merging our Missions

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Here at Relevant Youth, we pride ourselves on the relationship we have with not just one another, but with our clients. We work closely with our clientele to help them achieve their creative goals. Beyond our professionalism, the bonds that we foster with them help us to take our rapport to newer heights.

This season, our client relationships have been propelled by the similar traits we share with our clients. At RY, qualities such as innovation, intentionality, and creativity are a part of our company culture. Additionally, these attributes are also possessed by the clients we work with, enhancing our understanding of one another.

Our six clients, Zambu, Shakespeare’s Pizza, All Star Plumbing, The Pointe, Broadway Hair. Co. and Sound by Relevant Youth all contain the virtues that we think are important.

Brands such as Zambu and Broadway Hair Co. use fresh, modern, and innovative designs to brand themselves. In RY, our prolific graphic designers use clean, bright aesthetics, which represents the ingenuity of the brands. The similar aesthetics put the client and RY on the same page, allowing our understanding of their needs to transcend beyond a simple request.

We also cherish the family environment of RY. So many lifelong friendships have been forged within the walls of our headquarters, and even though the pandemic has changed how we interact, the way in which we do so has remained the same. That closeness is something that can be seen in The Pointe, All Star Plumbing, and Shakespeare’s Pizza. The businesses are Columbia-owned companies that pride themselves on the bond they’ve built with the community over the years, which reflects the community RY members have built within the agency.

Additionally, RY tends to work with newer brands, just like Sound by RY works with up and coming musicians. Both RY and Sound by RY work in depth with our clients so we can help them attain their objectives. We love that we can work with fresh talent because we realize the importance of taking a chance on new businesses. RY as an agency is quite new, just like Broadway Hair Co., so we understand the challenges new businesses may face in their early beginnings.

All these commonalities allow us to dig deep in the work we do for our clients. It’s one thing to do the work that has been asked of us. It’s another to anticipate their needs. We’re able to get through the difficulties of bringing our clients’ designs to life because we’ve been there. We know what they want and it makes a difference in the work we do for them. That kind of relationship fuels our main mission: to empower the creative.

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