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Physically Engaged in a Virtual World

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

As creatives, we can be highly hands-on people. When meetings are online, it’s tough to pay full attention. When the physical world is boiled down to an image on a screen, we miss out on the engaging nature of human interaction. Distractions start to creep in, and we find ourselves missing important information.

At least this is usually the issue, which is why Relevant Youth has worked hard to come up with solutions to these problems. We want our meetings to continue to be engaging and fun, even from a virtual platform. In our two most recent company-wide Engage meetings, the physical aspect was anything but lost. Although the meetings were on Zoom, all members had a physical package in front of them that gave members a tangible token of the meeting.

In our first Engage, we received a hand-delivered goody-bag including RY spirit wear, RY stickers, a hand-written letter, and more. Opening a letter written by a fellow member and putting on a branded hat was a great way to make the meeting feel personal, intentional and palpable.

In our second Engage, we took the tangible fun a step further. Every member received their own branded package, which, upon opening, revealed a tie-dye kit. We got to go into breakout rooms on Zoom to socialize while engaging in this expressive, hands on activity.

If there is a takeaway here, it’s that our company has realized the importance of not losing sight of physical needs during a faux-physical time. Humans love tangibility, activities, and fun. RY is working to make sure that no matter how our meetings are delivered, they continue to stimulate our members’ creative minds.

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