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What Good Does RY do for You?

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Written by Mary McCue Bell

Relevant Youth is meant to be a creative learning environment for students who want to start their career pursuits now. RY’s goal is to enrich student education through real industry experience. We work with liquor brands, plumbing companies, and some of Columbia’s most iconic dining options like Shakespeare’s Pizza. Giving students real-life opportunities to put their knowledge to the test is what makes RY a comfortable space to kickstart your career.

But how does RY do this? The key ingredients are a learning environment, community, connections and experience.

Everyone remembers their first job. It might’ve been at the register of a local diner in your hometown or doing the nitty-gritty tasks at your parents office. When you figure out what you want to do with your life, finding a starting place feels impossible. Relevant Youth knows that this is your beginning, and wants to push you to find comfort in your future career. we train you, make you proud of both your accomplishments and mistakes alike because we were all there once.

Being 18 as a freshman in college is daunting; you are a fresh adult and miles away from your parents. You have to learn to take care of yourself while structuring your future. You need mentors; you need guidance; you need to prepare for the real world. Finding a community that understands exactly how you feel is what raises your confidence. RY has 114 members who were all in your position at one point. Everyone starts in the same spot, and we want to coach you to go after your ambitions.

Building professional relationships needs to start somewhere. Finding professional connections can determine where you are later in life. Whether it’s marketing, public relations, photography, graphic design or anything in between, RY has done it. Our alumni had the experience of playing around with different positions and finding what made them comfortable. It is RY’s goal to give you that same experience.

Sometimes a résumé feels so daunting. What looks good? What really prepares you for the real world? Being able to put your knowledge to the test and have mentors teach you everything you need to know about marketing is what brings you to the top. We teach you what jobs want to see: leadership, confidence and experience. We provide endless amounts of the coaching that you need.

Now, do you see the good RY can do for you?

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