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The Importance of Aesthetics in the Creative World

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The world has so many people, places, and things that emit a certain kind of energy. These things make us feel a certain way, even if there aren’t exactly words to describe it. This is us recognizing aesthetics in the world. Whether it is a burnt-out waitress in a diner, a business woman in New York, or an old weeping willow tree, everything gives off an aesthetic that makes us feel a certain way.

As creatives, we are in tune with these feelings and it is what inspires us. In RY’s Internal Team, we work hard to identify our aesthetic and make it clear to anyone outside of our company. Our graphic designers capture aesthetics in their art with colors and fonts, our copywriters put them into words, our PR team works to convey them to the community, and our videographers and photographers capture them visually.

Public Relations Strategist Lily Williams shared how having an eye for brand aesthetics is important in her role.

“Public relations is focused on the relationship your brand is building with the entire community. As a brand strategist, it is my job to integrate/establish our aesthetic within these connections,” said Williams.

Understanding a brand’s look and feel is imperative to spreading its personality into the community. Without proper identification of a brand's aesthetic, the wrong message can be sent to the world.

There are so many different positions in RY and so many ways we all work in alignment with our brand’s and our clients’ brands’ overall look and feel. In advertisement, one can argue that this is the single most important thing when working with a client. If we don’t intimately know our client’s aura, how will we convey it to consumers?

Next time you’re out and about, practice identifying the beautiful aesthetics of the world. The woman in the grocery store with 4 little kids, the man who sits alone in the park, or the boarded-up building on the side of the road. What kind of feelings do these things give you? By recognizing aesthetics in every-day life, you are on the right track to becoming highly in-tune with a client’s brand.

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