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Matchbook Marketing is defined by the work it does for its clients. With 109 members across eight client teams, Matchbook’s members are given the opportunity to see how their skills apply to a wide range of industries and roles. Check out some of our most recent work below:


Allter is a unique tool allowing customers to know their prospective size at any given retail store. This semester, the Allter team is working on pieces for B2B, B2C and other various marketing ideas for the client.


 BLOC is a Kansas City-based organization founded in 2016 whose goal is to help engage Black men in the communities they teach in through mentoring, development and engagement. The team is planning content to share on social media highlighting their work.


 CycleBar states that their responsibility is to fuel riders inside their studio so they can be empowered to make a difference. The client team is currently running their social media pages and working on campaigns to increase their memberships.


Independence Family Eye Care is a comprehensive eye care service based out of Independence, Missouri. Looking for a complete rebrand, the RY team’s goal is to establish a new logo and guide the development of the brand.


Mitto is a mobile application in the works designed to support small businesses in Columbia. The team is working on building Mitto’s social media presence and adding in some infrastructure for future use as the app develops, and hopefully is soon released.