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Who We Are

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Written by Ava Simonsen, Photo by Kayla Szymanski

Relevant Youth thrives on encouraging members to show off who they are and what they are passionate about through work at our creative marketing agency. With such a large group of talented, motivated and unique students, there are so many ways for members to show who they are. The Internal Team held a content shoot on September 27 based around the idea of celebrating members’ distinct personalities. The shoot, for a future Instagram story series called, “Who We Really Are,” is helping to highlight the personalities of various RY members. Team members that volunteered were asked to model with two items that represented who they are outside of work. They were told to explain the items, who inspires them, and what fuels them. Alongside the items, they were also asked to bring two different outfits that represent their personalities and make them feel their best. Photographer Morgan Goertz said she wore her favorite fluffy white sweater because “it’s my staple fall piece and I’m so excited for the weather to finally change.”

RY Account Manager Helen Putman brought a longboard to represent their passion for surfing and skating, and their journal to represent their beginning at RY as a copywriter. Putman states that they're from Missouri and present as female, but there’s more to them than what meets the eye, saying, “it’s important to take a second and look deeper, past what you see on the surface.” This is true of all of our members. At RY, we hope to allow our members to express themselves through different multimedia advertising strategies, but there’s more to our members than just their work. We want to demonstrate that every RY member has passions and interests that expand outside of just one thing, one job or one style.

This year we are excited to explore various ways to give people a deeper look into who our members are and how we all hope to add more value to the Columbia community through our unique personalities and passions.

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