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Why You Should Donate to a Local Non-Profit

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Written by Mary McCue Bell

A nonprofit organization's goal is to generate profit and take no proceeds for personal income. Local nonprofits benefit by serving the nearby community, and donors, volunteers and nearby businesses alike all contribute to making a nonprofit work smoothly.

The first step in donating is digging deeper into what good comes out of donating to a nonprofit.


Volunteering to nonprofits can boost your resume. Donating to nonprofits can boost your ego!

Cultivating learning

Relevant Youth’s goal is to enrich student education through real industry experience. We work with liquor brands, plumbing companies and some of Columbia’s most iconic dining options like Shakespeare’s Pizza. Giving students real-life opportunities to put their knowledge to the test is what makes RY a unique non-profit. Aside from serving as a marketing agency to community brands, RY provides a healthy work environment to eager students.


You can support your community. Nonprofits help cultivate civic participation and act as an engaging backbone for communities big and small alike. Acting to benefit your communal body through an organization improves the economic growth and drives of the surrounding people.


With the hardships that are changing young adults’ lives, helping their creative learning environments can go a long way in their future careers. Being able to be a stepping stone in how someone’s future can be altered is enriching to both the individual and the donor.

Everyone benefits from the generosity of donors, and the community is better off afterwards. Cliché enough, even a little goes a long way! If you’d like to donate, reach out to Managing Director Fiona Thurow at

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